National Council for Women, Top 50 Women Forum Agree to Co-launch New Initiatives to Empower Women

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Dina Abdel Fattah

Cairo- 3rd September- A meeting was recently held between Dr. Maya Morsi, who holds the esteemed position of President of the National Council for Women, and Dina Abdel Fattah, the notable President and Founder of the Top 50 Women Forum. This meeting was held with the intention of reviewing the progress that has been made in the current collaborative projects between the National Women’s Council and the Top 50 Women Forum. Additionally, the two parties discussed their strategy for future cooperation, with the aim of furthering their efforts in promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Dr. Maya Morsi, the President of the National Council for Women, highlighted the remarkable progress in empowering Egyptian women in recent years. She credited this achievement to the political will that recognizes women’s empowerment as a national responsibility. Dr. Morsi acknowledged the efforts of the Egyptian government in surpassing women’s rights in the past decade and emphasized the importance of continuing this positive trend.

Furthermore, Morsi valued the active role of The Top 50 Women Forum in supporting the process of professional and functional empowerment. Through its pioneering role in launching numerous initiatives, events and training courses, which in turn contributed to the development of women’s professional role in Egypt, enhancing their capacity to assume leadership positions, supporting their active participation in governing bodies and creating a secure functional climate free from harassment and gender discrimination, together with the Forum’s role in developing leadership career skills through training courses conducted by the Forum in collaboration with the Egyptian Banking Institute and the National Planning Institute in women empowerment in the Egyptian governorates.

Morsi recognized and appreciated The Top 50 Women Forum’s efforts in promoting professional and functional empowerment of women in Egypt. The forum has successfully launched various initiatives, events, and training courses that have played a vital role in enhancing the professional role of women in Egypt. These initiatives have also helped women to develop their leadership skills, actively participate in governing bodies, and create a safe work environment free from harassment and gender discrimination. Additionally, the Forum has collaborated with the Egyptian Banking Institute and the National Planning Institute to provide leadership training for women in various governorates of Egypt.

Dr. Maya Marsi, the President of the National Council for Women, has emphasized the significance of consistent collaboration and coordination with the Top 50 Women Forum. This partnership will pioneer a range of fresh projects and initiatives designed to provide technical, professional, and legislative support. These efforts are aligned with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals and will have a positive impact on the implementation of the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Egyptian Women in 2030.

For its part, Dina Abdel Fattah, founder and president of the Fifty Women’s Forum, said that Egypt has undergone a radical and unprecedented transformation in the profile of women’s empowerment at all levels politically, economically and socially. s career empowerment “, noting that the Fifty Forum over the past period has played an active role in supporting career empowerment of professional and leadership women, resulting in its membership base reaching some 500 women leaders representing 27 different economic sectors, making the Forum the first such house of experience in Egypt to provide all necessary support services for women’s career empowerment as well as qualification for leadership positions.

Abd El Fattah, a key figure in the women’s empowerment movement, also noted the ongoing partnership between the Forum and the National Council for Women. This collaboration is focused on promoting women’s professional advancement across all sectors and job segments. In addition to this, Abd El Fattah disclosed that there are multiple joint projects in the works between the Forum and the National Women’s Council. These projects include plans to host joint events and create working papers to revise legislation. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to ensure that women’s projects are included in a quota for both government and private sector procurement files. By doing so, women will have equal opportunities to participate as major procurement providers, thus empowering them economically and encouraging them to establish their own businesses. This is an important initiative that seeks to create a more equitable and inclusive society for everyone.

The National Women’s Council and the Forum will collaborate on a significant occasion to commemorate the 16-day campaign against gender-based violence. This event aims to evaluate the progress achieved by Egyptian women in terms of empowerment and propose strategies to further improve the empowerment of women across all sectors.

Abdelfattah has highlighted the enduring collaboration between the National Council for Women and the Top 50 Women’s Forum, which is committed to presenting “EGYPT TALK” and the 2Minutes with A Queen initiative. These programs have been established to spotlight the outstanding accomplishments of women who are experts and leaders in diverse fields, and to encourage greater inclusivity across sectors and regions. Moreover, the programs present women at various stages of professional leadership.

The Forum, in collaboration with the National Council for Women, is set to launch a groundbreaking initiative aimed at shaping the career paths of recently graduated women. The initiative will consist of awareness, guidance, and training campaigns, all designed to help these women prepare for the job market and create their own professional roadmap. The campaigns will focus on topics such as setting specific career goals and working towards achieving them.

The Top 50 Women’s Forum has achieved remarkable progress in various sectors since its inception, while collaborating with government entities, international organizations, and private companies, as it strives to empower women leaders in both public and private domains. The forum has been instrumental in drafting laws that guarantee a secure work environment for women, safeguarding them from psychological abuse, discrimination, and obstacles to their career aspirations. Moreover, it has advocate for female representation on boards of directors and promotes empowerment in provinces and regions.

The Forum has spearheaded several innovative initiatives to design and execute a range of training programs that foster the enhancement of women’s professional skills, both in their work and personal domains. These programs are geared towards bolstering professional and career performance, equipping second-tier women leaders with the necessary skills to take on leadership roles, and integrating sustainable development principles. Additionally, the training covers environmental concepts, climate action, and the incorporation of the green economy into women’s work priorities. The Forum partners with experts and consultants across diverse fields to deliver these training programs.

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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.

Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.