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Application for Top 50 Most Influential Women 2022 Award


– Obtained an influential position in her area of expertise, achieving a remarkable career success

– Achieved remarkable results (industry-level) compared to all her peers at her workplace/other places

– Beliefs in teamwork, honest competition, and governance; seeking to achieve and commit to those beliefs in all the positions she has held

– Introduced innovative products /schemes with a positive impact on Egyptian society in terms of technical/financial/economic, contributing to community welfare

– Contributed to achieving exceptional profits for her workplace

– Made solid contributions towards the sustainable development in local communities

– Involved in achieving positive social impact: “proven results of the projects that were carried out to promote the living conditions in the community and achieved social cohesion as well”

– Inspired her peers as a role model, and elevated others to success, leading by example to positively influence others in shaping their route toward a better life

– A great potential for significant career development on the industry level

– Proactively made outstanding contributions to propel the national green economy transition; is priority for this special year’s selection

– Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree

Our assessment will be based on the above-mentioned criteria, as the candidate’s contributions and achievements will be evaluated accordingly.

*Fulfilling all the criteria is not mandatory