Mentorship Programs

Top 50 Women Forum Mentorship Programs
Launched in 2017


Our mentorship programs aim to connect women in business with the guidance, knowledge, and community they need to thrive and climb the corporate ladder.


Our mentors are experienced professionals who provide guidance, support, and advice to their mentees, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Our Programs
Women Leading the Future Initiative

The Top 50 Women Forum teamed up with the National Council for Women (NCW) and the Central Bank of Egypt to launch the “Women Leading the Future” initiative, the first deal initiative between public and private institutions. The program targets preparing women professionals who are capable of leading various sectors in the country through a methodology offered by a high-profile group of leaders.

Awareness Sessions on Mentorship

The Women Leadership Development Mentorship involves a top-down flow of knowledge and expertise from “Top 50 women Forum” members to develop the mentees’ leadership skills. Each member assists her mentee in developing strong leadership skills in various business settings.

Certified Mentorship Program
Thirty women have completed and graduated
from thise program.