The Strategy

We adopt a five-year strategy that aligns with the Egypt 2030 Vision, and strives to cover all Egyptian governorates by 2025.

By doing that, we have increased our events, programs, and awards from two in 2019 to sixteen in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 183% during (2019-2021).


Build a robust professional network to help women professionals move up the career ladder, start their businesses, and drive sustainable development.


Empower female professionals in Egypt and the MENA region.

For us to do so as a ‘sisterhood’ community, we follow four main strategies:


We set the first interactive women’s platform in Egypt on our digital media platforms. Therefore, we have created the first communications hub for women professionals that was upgraded to a news platform to document and empower women’s progress within businesses throughout Egypt.


Our primary focus here is to help all women in business providing them the knowledge to stay up to date with what the market’s evolution. Therefore, we are creating annual mentorship and training courses for women with bachelor’s degrees in managerial and high-level positions.


Top 50 Women Forum was launched as an award ceremony to turn into one of the most networking platforms. To allow women professionals to expand their knowledge and educate all genders that equality is a must, we aim to improve and share the knowledge and experiences of our members to contribute to increasing business opportunities for women across the globe.


We have launched the first “Women Club” to showcase the success stories of women on board within all sectors to empower younger generations and engage men to create an empowering culture for women in various fields.

Since our establishment, we have celebrated the iconic journeys of 200+ women. We released the first Egypt Talk Series, featuring 14 women in different high-level positions, sharing their inspiring stories with the world and how they overcame obstacles and achieved success.

We look forward to celebrating 1000 inspirational journeys in 2024. We will feature 500 inspirational stories at our Egypt Talk Series in 2025 as part of our commitment to being a top-notch, robust, credible, and transparent platform for women assuming senior-level positions in private or public sectors.