“Proud to be selected as one of this group of unique women,” said Moushira Khattab at the beginning of her speech on  the side lines of  the innovative Arab women 2019 at their first forum in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, marking the International Women’s Day.

Khattab was received by Lebanon’s president  at the Innovative Arab Women Forum 2019

Moushira Khattab, the former Minister of Family and Population, highlighted that the Arab World is in dire need for innovation, especially by women, which is considered essential. However, Khattab sees that women in innovation need more space like men. Thus, she referred to the necessity of socialization, nurturing child’s curiosity, and launching innovation incubators. This requires ensuring equal rights without any sort of discrimination. Countries should be responsible for investing in education, research, sports, and arts; as the right for education should be a lifetime right.

“We are in dire need for appreciating innovation and women”, said Khattab. Without showing respect and consideration for innovation and empowering women, the Arab world would neither be able to regain its leading position nor achieve progress.