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Equal Pay Day: Women in the EU still earn 13% less than men

Women continue to earn less than males in the European Union, with the average gender pay gap in the EU being at 13%. This indicates that for every €1 earned by a man, a woman earns only €0.87.

Equal Pay Day commemorates the number of additional days women must work until the end of the year to earn what men earned in the same year. It falls on November 15th this year. It serves as a reminder to keep working to close the gender pay gap.

The European Commission has made important steps to advance equality between women and men in the EU with the Gender Equality Strategy. So far, it has adopted:

  • new legislation governing work-life balance and gender equality on company boards
  • the Pay Transparency Directive, which allows workers to assert their right to equitable pay while also enhancing access to justice for those who have experienced pay discrimination.

The Commission also launched a campaign to challenge gender stereotypes which brings to attention gender stereotypes in career choices, caregiving and decision-making.

Gender equality remains one of the main political priorities for this Commission.


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