MP Dina Abdel Aziz, member of the delegation of women parliamentarians to Italy, assured that the Egyptian delegation proudly presented the positive steps that are actually being implemented to promote  the role of women in Egypt. The delegation also assured in many meetings that President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi is a strong supporter of the role of Egyptian women.

 She also added that women’s deputies confirmed the constitutional amendments that gave women at least 25% of the seats in the parliament. The local administration law gave women 25% of the seats in the local councils. The penalties for violent crimes against women were intensified and the penalty was aggravated in case of deprivation. From inheritance or withholding documents and other positive steps that Egyptian women are proud of.
MP Dina Abdel Aziz  declared that the visit was to different places including women’s rights organizations, the Ministry of Economy visit and a meeting of the Italian cabinet attended by officials of  the Promotion of Women’s Role and fighting against violence Program and the fight against violence, as well as a visit to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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