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CBE Lists Average Rates for Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Saudi Riyal

According to CBE, Early Sunday’s transactions at Egypt’s biggest banks showed that the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound remained stable.

The Central Bank stated that the average dollar rate in the Egyptian market registered EGP 30.84 for buying and EGP 30.93 for selling.

At the CIB, the dollar rate recorded EGP 30.85 for buying and EGP 30.95 for selling.

While at the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Banque Misr, the dollar rate registered EGP 30.75 for buying and EGP 30.85 for selling.

On the other hand, CBE says the average euro rate in the Egyptian market registered EGP 33.46 for buying and EGP 34.57 for selling.

The euro price registered EGP 34.45 for buying and EGP 34.68 for selling at Banque Misr and the NBE.

And at the CIB, the euro price amounted to EGP 34.56 for buying and EGP 34.80 for selling.

The pound sterling at the NBE and Banque Misr registered EGP 40.24 for buying and EGP 40.54 for selling.

At the CIB, the pound sterling exchange rate amounted to EGP 40.37 for buying and EGP 40.68 for selling.

Moving on to the average pound sterling rate in the Egyptian market, it registered EGP 40.31 for buying and EGP 40.44 for selling, according to CBE, while the Saudi riyal price stood at EGP 8.19 for buying and EGP 8.22 for selling at the NBE.


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