In celebration of Women’s Month, “Al Thaqafa Al Jadeeda” magazine devoted its March 2023 issue to discussing many issues of concern to creative women, in addition to featuring over 20 portraits showcasing female pioneers in various areas of culture and the arts.

The issue contains numerous articles written by many renowned Egyptian writers, discussing various women’s issues, featured in the writing, reading, and translation sections.

Moreover, the magazine presents a lot of poems and stories by 14 creative women, including Hala Al-Badri, Maryam Abdel Aziz, Al-Shaimaa Rajab, Samar Abdel-Aty Ahmed, Sarah Abu Raya, Sana El-Gamal, Hoda Hussein, Omaima Abdel-Shafi, Reda Ahmed, Marwa Magdy, Nadia Muhammad, and Sirin Al-Zoush.

The issue was decorated with paintings by a group of wildly talented artists, including Asmaa El-Mogy, Asmaa El-Nawawy, Amira Adel, Sarah Afonso, Afifa Aleiby, Souad Mardam Bey, and Neamat El Diwani; while the front and back cover paintings, were artwork by Dr. Seryya Sedqi.

Journalist/Writer Esraa El-Nemr and Journalist/Writer Aisha Al-Maraghi headed the editorship of this latest issue.

It is noteworthy that “Al Thaqafa Al Jadeeda” is issued by The General Authority for Culture Palaces, headed by Director Hesham Atwa, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, journalist and writer Tariq Al-Taher, two Deputy Editors-in-Chief, Esraa Al-Nemr and Aisha Al-Maraghi, the Executive Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Al-Qazzaz, and Art Director Amr Mohamed.

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