The program was launched on the sidelines of L’Oreal Egypt’s cooperation with Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and Care Egypt to implement the “Development of Women’s Hosting and Guidance Centers” program under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Solidarity to empower women on a social and economic level.

The L’Oreal “Beauty for a Better Life” program aims to empower the underprivileged groups of our society by rebuilding their self-confidence and reintegrating them into society. So far, it has provided professional hairdressing training based on an educational curriculum, which encompasses theoretical and practical approaches developed by L’Oreal specialists, as well as contributed to offering job opportunities in the same field.

Beauty for a Better Life” program was launched globally in 2009 and now covers 29 countries around the globe. It has established 98 training centers in cooperation with 57 civil and social associations in various countries until late 2021. These centers have succeeded in training over 5,991 beneficiaries, who are mostly women. This year, L’Oreal Egypt launched the program in Egypt to be the economic empowerment arm of the “Development of Women’s Hosting and Guidance Centers” program, which aims to empower women in general and women exposed to violence in particular, on a social and economic level.

It is worth noting that through the “Beauty for a Better Life” program, L’Oreal Egypt established two training centers in 6th of October city and Qalyubia and equipped them with the necessary capacities for training.

L’Oréal will also provide job opportunities for the graduates through their beauty salon partners, in addition to the essential tools to start their own projects. Not to mention, L’Oreal offers ongoing online training on the website of salons and hairdressers to develop the graduates’ skills, ensuring the persistent continuity of the training.

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