Top 50 Women Forum to Hold 3rd Edition of Egyptian Women’s Summit, Titled “A 360 Guide Toward a Woman Prosperous Life” in March

by Nada Khaled


Under the title “A 360 Guide Toward a Woman Prosperous Life”, Top 50 Forum will hold the 3rd edition of the Egyptian Women’s Summit on March 3rd and 4th in partnership with the National Council for Women and the European Union.

The Summit will see the largest community dialogue between women leaders and new generations to develop communication strategies and transfer professional and life experiences.

The Summit will establish a map of events and workshops that provide opportunities for work, rehabilitation, and inspiration for new generations of women.

Dina Abdel Fattah: The Summit aims to assimilate current challenges and geopolitical conflicts to look for opportunities to strengthen the future role of Egyptian women.

The Summit participants discuss ways to disseminate the “Code of Ethics against Harassment and Violence against Women in the Workplace” and propose cooperation mechanisms.

Events will witness the holding of an expanding exhibition of women entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting women’s projects and unleashing the potential of women’s entrepreneurship.

Cairo – 4 January 2024: The Top 50 Women Forum’s third edition of the Egyptian Women Summit will be held on the 3rd and 4th of March, Women’s Month, in partnership with the National Council of Women and the European Union, with the participation of leaders, senior government officials, representatives of the private sector and international organizations, in the presence of high-level women leaders and representatives of young university students and developmental initiatives.

The Summit, which begins with its new edition entitled “A 360 Guide Toward a Women Prosperous Life”, aims for a sustainable industry in achieving the goals of women’s empowerment, safeguarding their acquired rights, and protecting them against all forms of discrimination by making genuine bonds between women in key sectors who share the commitment to addressing the greatest challenges faced by women professionals through the power of participation and communication based on work and commitment, and ensure that funding and rehabilitation mechanisms are in place to promote women’s successes and assert their role in supporting efforts to accelerate sustainable development goals.

The summit witnessed many events that reviewed the inspiring experiences in gender balance for the government and the private sector and explored opportunities to enhance the future role of professional women through the integration of women leaders with the new generations represented at the summit by university youth and new graduates to introduce the value, visions, and networking opportunities and how to make their own experiences. In an international and regional context accompanied by geopolitical conflicts and economic stagnation, Egyptian women’s voices are needed as a soft power capable of making their experience and influencing their local and regional environment.

Many ministers, officials, policymakers, and senior executive leaders of companies and institutions will participate in the summit, as well as more than 300 women leaders representing various professional sectors such as finance, economy, sports, art, culture, media, entrepreneurship, and other professional disciplines in which women have excelled.

The event will witness several events and panel discussions aimed at enhancing opportunities for professional growth and guidance for women, networking events in the related work of each sector to develop careers and access to senior positions, 

from entrepreneurship to leadership to public relations, finance, career brilliance, strategic planning, leadership skills, and enhancing communication skills to enter the appropriate positions.

The summit will review ways to disseminate the “Code of Ethics” that Combats harassment and violence against Women in the workplace and the proposed cooperation mechanisms with various state institutions to adopt and implement the Charter in business communities, as well as expand its scope to include schools and universities, besides a working paper that promotes the creation of strong links for women leaders in each sector to ensure the sustainability of the work to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

The main event of the Summit will also be a Women’s Employment Fair: Empower Women to Empower Egypt, which promotes the exploration of the types of jobs that are suitable for women and have achieved exceptional success, and for which you are likely to recruit again in the future, and the allocation of space for each participating institution within the forum venue to provide information to participating girls, enter into direct dialogs with job seekers and discuss the details of the work, and submit the required forms and forms.

The events will see an expanded Entrepreneurial Exhibition: Empowering and Uniting, which aims to promote women’s entrepreneurship, unleash and develop their skills, and motivate them to enter this field. It will also include holding a competition to select the best project during the exhibition and awarding it a material award that enhances its work, in addition to providing the necessary technical consultations.

Dina Abdel Fattah, Founder, and President of the Top 50 Women Forum, said that the summit aims to accommodate the current challenges at the local and regional levels to explore opportunities to enhance the future role of Egyptian professional women and their leadership for positive change socially and economically, which could be achieved through creating sustainable bridges between the different generations of women to ensure the achievement of the goals and to create direct paths to transfer the experiences of women leaders to the new generations, as well as to identify the opportunities available from training programs, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities, and to introduce the various funding mechanisms.

She stressed that a strong community of high-achieving and confident women leaders can make a difference in the future of Egypt and come up with a different voice in all the circles in it, such as universities, institutions, unions, organizations, companies, and other circles. She pointed out that professional Egyptian women always represent the confidence and strength that can be relied upon in times of challenges.

Abdel Fattah pointed out that the summit aims to make links to unite hundreds of women with similar thinking and experience in each sector and to enhance communication and participation among them to achieve the goals of women in each sector and increase their representation, in addition to working on a map of events and workshops to provide multiple opportunities for learning, experience, networking and inspiration for new generations, which in turn impresses women professionals in different sectors.

She pointed out that the sustainable partnership between the Top 50 Forum, the National Council for Women, and the European Union gives the activities of the Forum local and regional strength to reach its objectives based on strengthening the networks of relations for the empowerment of Egyptian professional women, and access for women to fair opportunities in all areas of public life, exchange innovative ways and best practices that enhance the access of Egyptian women to leadership positions, open the fields of professional life for new generations, and also propose solutions to the challenges that stand in the face of women, such as gender balance and domestic violence, and identify the opportunities enjoyed by Egyptian women to contribute to the leadership of development in society.

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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.

Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.