Top 50 Women Forum Unveils “Girls Camp,” University Success Skills Program

"Girls Camp" is Trailblazing Girls' Workforce Readiness Platform

Dina Abdel Fattah

Cairo, 4 July 2024:

Top 50 Women Forum aims to launch a comprehensive training program for Egyptian university students, “Girls Camp,” to qualify them for the labor market in all fields.

Through the launch of the first edition of “Girls Camp,” it will be the first scientific and practical platform to qualify girls for the cross-sector labor market through the first series of workforce readiness training courses, in addition to providing specialized training programs to enhance girls’ ability to deal with real life and adapt to the labor market through developing their job and personal skills to achieve the highest possible performance, either professionally or personally.

This first-of-its-kind platform in Egypt is part of the Top 50 Women Forum’s plans and strategies, implemented in cooperation with government agencies and leading private institutions, to empower women economically. By boosting women’s participation in the labor market and increasing their representation in leadership positions, the program directly supports the Egyptian state’s economic empowerment plans, reflecting the strong commitment of the political leadership to this critical goal.

This came during the forum’s Board of Directors meeting of the 50 Ladies Forum, in the presence of the prominent media person and the Forum’s Founder, Dina Abdel Fattah, the forum’s  Co-founder and Managing Director,  Eng. Nermine Abdel Fattah and members of the Board of Directors; Ms. Lubna Helal, Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt; Ms. Neveen El Tahri, Chairperson and Managing Director of Delta Holding Company for Financial Investments; Ms. Nevine El-Messiri, CEO of Ahli United Bank; Dr. Nermine Tahoun, Co-Founder of Tahoun Law Firm; as well as members of the Forum, Dr. Rania Abdallah, Founder and Managing Director of Kestria – UAE and Aspire HR Consultants – Egypt; and Dr. Rasha Kenawi, Economist and Founder of RK Leadership.

The board meeting discussed all aspects related to the comprehensive training program for girls, whether in the final stages of study or recent graduates, to empower them and explore different career paths, acquire basic skills through career guidance, training, and counseling, and discuss the program’s objectives and structure, the general form of application for training, the topics that will be covered, teaching methods and counseling opportunities.

Since its inception, the forum has made great multidimensional efforts in partnership with government agencies, international institutions, and private entities. During this period, the forum has supported women’s empowerment in leadership positions in public and private sectors and participated in drafting legislation to ensure a safe working environment for women.

Playing a vital role in advocating for women’s rights, the forum has helped establish policies that protect them from psychological abuse that hinders their career aspirations. Additionally, it has championed initiatives to combat gender-based discrimination and ensure women’s representation on boards of directors. Furthermore, the forum has actively contributed to expanding women’s empowerment programs across Egyptian governorates.

The forum has spearheaded numerous impactful initiatives, offering training programs that bolster women’s professional skills in both their work and personal lives. The programs aim to elevate their professional and job performance, equip second-tier women leaders with the skills to take on leadership positions, and establish principles of sustainable development within their work. Additionally, the programs integrate environmental concepts, climate action, and the green economy transition into women’s professional priorities.

Partnering with leading experts and consultants, the forum delivers a comprehensive suite of programs and technical consultations across various fields.

Among the forum’s initiatives are the “You Are Strong” initiative, aimed at increasing women’s representation on boards of directors, and supporting women against unethical practices, the development of an ethical charter to combat harassment and violence in the workplace, and the “Women Leading the Future” program, a comprehensive training program implemented in cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute.


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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.

Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.