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Syrian Actress Marwa Al-Atrash Presents a Theatrical Performance About Women Suffering

Syrian Actress Marwa Al-Atrash, daughter of the great director and artist Mamdouh Al-Atrash, presents a theatrical performance entitled “Ta’ Al Ta’neeth laysat sakena”. Besides directing and starring in the show, Marwa was also behind the show’s idea that highlights the suffering of women and touches on their most pressing issues.

The performance showcased Maha Al-Atrash’s choreography, Ali Al-Sudani’s scenography, and a writing workshop in which Labuh Arab, Marwa Al-Atrash, and Hussein Barism participated.

It also starred Maha Al-Atrash, Mortada Noumi, Marwa Al-Atrash, Nemat Al-Fatlawi, Ghufran Fares, Ashraqat Ghanem, and Marwa Atheer.

This show emerged from a workshop held in Baghdad on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Festival in its fourth session in October. It raises five societal issues through examples of five women who suffered from bullying, violence, and the cruelty of the male society.

The theatrical work, as confirmed by its director, artist Marwa Al-Atrash, calls for a revolution. It is overwhelming to think about the bitter reality that women live under an unjust authority, the authority of a society that belittles women, takes away their rights, and restricts their freedom. We present in the play the dream of a world in which we find love and peace, and we strive to make the abuse of women stop.

It took place at the Al-Rashid Theater of the Ministry of Culture in Baghdad; the sound maker of the show was Ali Adel Abdel Moneim, the video projector was Hisham Kazem, the lighting was by Nazim Shajar / Saad Al-Shaher / Mustafa Shaker / Samer Muhammad, and the production was by the National Acting Troupe, Theater Department, Department of Cinema and Theater in Baghdad.


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