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Minister Soha Gendi Affirms Support for Egyptian Investors Abroad

On Monday, Soha Gendi, the Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, declared her readiness to assist Egyptians who are residing overseas and wish to invest in their country of origin by working in tandem with relevant organizations to surmount any challenges they may encounter.

In the presence of Ahmed Abd El Meguid, Egypt’s consul general in Jeddah, Minister Gendi shared her remarks at a meeting with members of the Egyptian community in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia.

She further declared that the Ministry of Emigration is eager to assist all manufacturers, investors, businesspeople, and exporters who take their business seriously.

Moreover, the minister emphasized how eager they were to connect with the 2.9 million Egyptian expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, the country with the highest concentration of Egyptians living abroad out of a total of 14 million.

Gendi proceeded to outline several tax breaks and golden licenses that the Egyptian government provides to foreign investors.

It is worth noting that the National Election Authority has recently announced that the election for expats will take place from December 1 through 3, and the run-off, if there is any, will be on January 5 through 7.

The minister is currently touring several Arab and European nations to encourage Egyptian expatriates to vote in the upcoming presidential election of 2024 and to encourage investment in Egypt. The meeting is part of this tour.


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