“Top 50 Most Influential Women Forum” acknowledges Eng. Sarah El-Battouty’s efforts during her journey with the Presidential Program for Qualifying Youth for Leadership that contributed to creating a new generation, especially young women, capable of delivering leadership duties, which strengthens the presence of women of all ages in leadership positions.

Top 50  Forum recognizes Sarah El-Battouty, Founder and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of EConsult, as one of the most important young leaders in Egypt at the current time, which made her the youngest member of the President’s Advisory Council  and a member of the founding team of the Presidential Program for qualifying  Youth Leadership, in addition to her membership in the presidential Specialized Council for Community Development.

According to the forum, El-Battouty is an honorable model for technocratic women who have reached the highest ranks of leadership at an early age, whether in the private pr or the public arena, which confirms that Egyptian women have creative talents that enable them to actively contribute to leadership in early stages of life, especially in light of the political leadership’s support to create a generation of New women pioneers.

Sarah El-Battouty is considered one of the young leaders at the Top 50 Forum, chosen by the United Nations among the 6 most influential business women among the owners of private companies in the Middle East in the field of sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

She served as Senior Advisor to the President in 2014 for Sustainable Community Development.

She was Nominated by the United Nations in the “WE Empower UN SDG” 2020 program for the 142 most influential women globally in achieving the global sustainable development goals.

El-Battouty works as an architect in the field of green and Eco-Friendly Buildings. She founded EConsult, which is considered one of the most distinguished Egyptian companies in the field of environmental design.