Egyptian Minister of Culture, Her Royal Highness Princess Jordan Reem Ali, President of Anna Land, on the sidelines of the COP27 Climate Summit in Sharm El Sheikh, to discuss ways of cooperation, and a number of projects of mutual interest.

At the beginning of the meeting, Her Highness the Princess highlighted the Anna Lind Foundation activities, projects and initiatives the Foundation has taken in the past period, especially in relation to women’s culture, and disseminated values of acceptance.

On her part, the Minister of Culture, welcomed the initiatives of the Anna Linde Foundation, expressing her appreciation of what the Foundation is doing, referring to the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Foundation, through the cultural field, as well as the exchange of experience in work, and conducting mutual cultural projects and initiatives.

It is noteworthy that Anna Lind Foundation, for Dialogue between Culturals, is an international organization working among Oromo-Mediterranean governments, including civil society bodies, and citizens throughout the Mediterranean, aiming to build trust, enhance mutual understanding, as it works to promote Dialogue, and the point of getting to know the other.

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