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Feminist podcasts in Egypt adds new voices to the country’s public dialogue

Feminist podcasts are gradually gaining traction in Egypt, despite being a foreign concept to the country. They allow more voices to be heard in the country’s communicative space and provide a counter-narrative to strict patriarchal norms.

Renowned Professor of practice at the American University in Cairo, Kim Fox has taught journalism for more than ten years and co-authored a study on four well-known podcasts. She used her extensive knowledge and vast expertise to discuss these topics. Fox stated that the topics included dating, arranged marriages, and issues surrounding Egyptian women’s independence among other topics.

The professor addressed social and cultural inequalities and how Egyptian women perceive and react to them, saying that it’s time for women to start being role models and feminist ideals.

Bee Bishay, Producer of “Being Aloud”, Author and self-taught podcaster explored divorce, self-care, setting boundaries, and various topics related to women over 20 episodes of her podcast. In an attempt to promote solidarity and empathy, she talked about her personal experiences, breaking the habit of shaming and hiding from sensitive topics.

Additionally, Heba Shunbo addressed touchy topics such as infertility, sex, the highs and lows of motherhood, being a single mother, and co-parenting in her podcast “Mommy’s Happy Hour”. Nour Emam, a celebrated doula also discussed in detail sexual and reproductive health.

Noran Morsi, an Egyptian Multimedia journalist is the producer of the Egyptian Streets podcast that gives a voice to women from different backgrounds in the fields of cinema, graphic design, music, and trans activism as well. In her recent interview with” Al-Monitor”, she said that she was pleased with her podcast turnout.

Bee Bishay shared her initial failure in reaching out to people and getting them to join her podcast and participate in the conversation, and how she overcame that by being honest and setting an example.




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