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The Gender Equality Unit protects women’s rights in the workplace

The “Gender Equality Unit” affiliated with the Ministry of Manpower succeeded in establishing the principle of equal opportunities and spreading awareness regarding women’s rights and duties in their field of work, in line with the policies of the Egyptian state that takes serious steps to support women in all fields, keen to continue to involve women in Work, production, and decision-making.

The Ministry of Manpower, through the Gender Equality Unit, continues its role in serving women’s issues, especially in the field of work.

The unit was initially established by Ministerial Resolution No. (1) of 2019; To create a stimulating work environment that supports gender equality in the field of work and economic life, achieving equality and eliminating all forms of discrimination against women.

The unit aims at empowering women economically, promoting the principle of equal opportunities in training, employment and promotion, as well as increasing women’s participation in labor union work, and increasing women’s employment rates.

Additionally, it targets a number of groups, most specifically working women or those wishing to join the labor market, especially breadwinners or women with disabilities, as well as business owners and workers’ organizations.

Furthermore, it seeks to establish gender equality units within all establishments in the private sector, and the first model of the unit has already been established in a factory in Ismailia Governorate.

The unit also contributed to presenting notes and a clear vision aligning with the focus of ministerial decisions and serving its objectives, including:

1- Ministerial Resolution No. 43 of 2021 regarding determining the jobs in which women may not be employed in accordance with international labor standards, which gave women the right to join any job or profession without regard to their social gender and taking into account the principles of equal opportunities, gender equality and non-discrimination at work.

2- Ministerial Resolution No. 44 of 2021 regulating the employment of women at night, which stipulates that women may, at their request, work during night shifts in any establishment of any kind, provided that the necessary measures are taken to protect their health and help them maintain their family responsibilities.

The central unit and sub-units carry out many activities, including the implementation of workshops and awareness seminars at the governorate level.

It aims to launch the “She Can” initiative in the food and textile industries sectors at the governorate level, through which a set of training programs will be implemented for all employees of the targeted companies pertaining to women, as well as implementing other programs for workers in human resources departments on equality and non-discrimination.

The unit developed a plan to provide female street vendors in Alexandria with 20 to 25 mobile carts annually for free, within the framework of supporting the unorganized sector.

The activities of the unit are integrated through the sub-units in the governorates, as 27 sub-units have been established as a formation parallel to the central unit, which implements services and activities within the framework of the plans set to achieve the goals.


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