Cabinet: Egypt achieves positive successes in human development

by nevine

The Cabinet Media Center said that Egypt has not stopped sustainable development efforts during the past eight years to find radical solutions to old problems and achieve all kinds of success in the economic, health, social and educational domains.

In a report on Tuesday 6/12/2022, the center said the state has been keen on the best use of the state’s multiple resources and potentials to pave the way for new strategies and reforms contributing to improving the living conditions of citizens.
The report said the achievements made in Egypt during the past years put the country among Arab and African countries interested in the human resources domains.
It said that Egypt managed to reduce unemployment to 7.5 percent despite the population increase.
The report quoted Randa Aboul-Hosn, the UNDP Resident Representative, as saying that Egypt succeeded in implementing its reform program which started in 2016, a matter that led to economic stability.



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