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Egypt, Syria Launch First International Conference for Influential Women

The activities of the first international conference for influential women in all fields started on Jan. 20 in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The conference is occurring on three levels, which are “Cultural personalities”, “Scientific and famous, and “Ministers and first ladies”.

Hundreds of active and influential women in all social, cultural, political, scientific, and technological fields from around 90 countries are also participating in the conference, in addition to 17 participants at the level of first ladies from various Asian, European, and American countries.

Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Special Advisor to the Presidency, participates in the conference, representing the First Lady of the Syrian Arab Republic, Asma al-Assad, at the head of a delegation of Syrian women at the invitation of Dr. Jamila Sadat Alam Al-Huda, the wife of the Iranian President.

The conference aims to develop the capabilities of influential women elites at the national and international levels and merge all common endeavors to support women and their development in Iran and the world.

Moreover, it seeks to enhance communication between active women from different countries and continents, improve the status and role of women, and take care of their affairs in various fields.



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