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Daughters of the Nile: A Book about Egyptian Super-Heroines

As part of the publications of the Cairo International Book Fair, Dr. Samia Iskandar Spencer’s book titled “Daughters of the Nile: Egyptian Women Changing Their World” was recently released and will be available at the book fair in both English and Arabic languages.

The book includes numerous biographies of leading Egyptian women in various professional fields, who provided hands-on evidence of the history of women’s achievements, and broke the prevailing negative stereotypes.

The idea started with the book’s editor asking some successful Egyptian women to write their stories, including their upbringing, the difficulties they faced, and the honors they received. These biographies include many inspiring life lessons for women all over the world.

Spencer aimed at trying to break the stereotype of Egyptian women as uneducated and subject to the control of men. She wanted to change the false-existing belief that women are useless by providing positive models for new generations of women and men in Egypt and abroad, pushing them to aspire to great goals despite the obstacles they may face, and revealing to them horizons that transcend the limits of the sky.

The book now includes the biographies of 38 Egyptian women, the eldest of whom is in her late nineties and her granddaughter helped her write her chapter and the youngest of them in her late twenties.

As a result of the large age difference between the participants, the change that has taken place in Egypt’s history and culture since the middle of the twentieth century appears in the background, between the lines.

The women participating in this book have achieved professional achievements and successes in most professions, such as academia, arts, banking, development, diplomacy, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, political science, medicine, public relations, science and technology, social services, and sports. , international relations, and international organizations, all of whom have reached the pinnacle of their respective fields.

Despite the difference in personalities, situations, and circumstances, they all share certain values. They are all dedicated and passionate about their professions, have a firm belief in the importance of education and hard work, and have a strong will to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their dreams.


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