Dr. Khaled Qassem, Assistant Minister of Local Development and Spokesperson for the Ministry, said that the localities movement, including all 125 leaders in 25 governorates, is notably one of the largest movements at the level of Egyptian governorates.

The Assistant also explained that this training was at the Local Development Training Center in Saqqara and the National Training Academy, in addition to theoretical and practical training on the ground in the governorates.

During a phone call with “Good Morning Egypt”, broadcast on Channel One and the Egyptian satellite channel last Thursday, he mentioned that the head of the governorates’ center, city, and district, and 4 heads of centers, have been promoted to become assistant general secretaries, in addition to 8 general secretaries, which included the female general secretary of Gharbia governorate.

After the Prime Minister endorsed the movement last Wednesday and Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, announced it, Qassem urged the new leadership to deal with citizens and solve their problems.

The main goal of this movement is to improve the quality of performance of local administration services and achieve local development at the Egyptian governorates’ level, based on the directives of the political leadership in developing the work of the local administration.

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