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Egypt is Off the List of Alarming Countries in Terms of Gender and Religious Equality

Citizenship and equal rights for all represent firm values ​​in the approach of the new republic, which appears through actual and realistic practices in all aspects of life during the past eight years. The current policies aim to maximize human values ​​of non-discrimination, spread a culture of pluralism and coexistence, combat intolerance, uphold the values ​​of law, and empower Egyptian women, in order to achieve the strategy of the state towards building a just society.

Moreover, they focus on consolidating the concepts of loyalty and belonging, achieving the highest levels of social integration, in a way that reflects on the state of stability and societal peace, and the formation of a coherent and interdependent internal front capable of facing current and future challenges internally and externally, and preserving Egypt’s national identity As well as exploiting all energies within the framework of the comprehensive development efforts that are in full swing in various fields.

In this regard, the Media Center of the Council of Ministers published a report that included infographics highlighting the positive changes that occurred in the state’s handling of the Coptic file and the women’s file, as they are the most important elements in the new republic’s consolidation of the principles of citizenship, equality and non-discrimination, in the belief that citizenship is the cornerstone of building a state of justice.

The report reviewed the positive change in the international view of the citizenship file in Egypt, as the American Commission on International Religious Freedom indicated that Egypt had been removed from the list of countries of concern according to its report for the sixth year in a row, and it also indicated that with the adoption of the Egyptian leadership the goal of spreading the principles of religious tolerance, the Egyptian government continued Manage the building of churches and legalize their conditions, and the rates of violence against religious minorities decreased.



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