Equality in Energy Conference held on the third day of Egypt International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition in its 6th edition, EGYPS 2023.

The Equality in Energy conference witnessed a keynote address on the issue of reinventing the workplace and rebuilding the workforce for a better future.

During the session, Petra Angstmann, Senior Vice President and Global Human Resources at Wintershall Dea expressed her pleasure at participating in EGYPS 2023 conference, noting that the first-panel discussion will include the rehabilitation of the workplace and the establishment of gender equality for a better future in the energy sector.

She pointed out that the future needs more innovation and building new corporate models. She confirmed that the conference provides an opportunity to pore over the success stories of companies and corporates operating in the energy sector while determining how they have succeeded at being competitive while developing their work cultures.

Angstmann explained that workplace concepts and principles were amended and revamped compared to the past. She elaborated that the main core of the workplace was revamped to include diversity and flexibility. She also noted that companies nowadays provide innovative workplaces that have become more suitable for all their employees with their different cultures, religions, and genders, in addition to providing the necessary up-to-date equipment and tools required to achieve that goal.

Furthermore, she elaborated on the concept of equality in the energy sector indicating that companies and corporates are keen on achieving gender equality in terms of salaries, bonuses, and so forth. She also stressed that gender equality enhances the loyalty of the employees in the companies and ensures transparency.

Moreover, Angstmann noted that the world is rapidly developing and evolving in both artificial intelligence and automation fields which have affected the essential skills 1, so new generations are brought up on the latest technology, especially since continuous learning has become a basic principle in the energy sector.

She concluded her talking by that her company has always been keen on developing its employees, continuously paying distinctive attention to that issue. Finally, Angstmann acknowledged Wintershall

Dea always aims at recruiting skillful, knowledgeable, and qualified cadres to be part of its new projects, stressing that it is necessary to narrow the generations’ gap by making room for initiating fruitful and constructive dialogues between them to allow them to exchange their experience and knowledge.

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