During her meeting with the director of the EPA, Minister of the Environment, Ministerial Coordinator and envoy of climate conference cop27

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Announcement of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and the American sides in the field of environmental protection and combating climate change.

Dr. Yasmin Fouad, Ministerial Coordinator and COP27 Climate Conference Envoy, met with Mr. Michael Reagan, Director of the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the UN Framework Agreement on Climate Change meetings as part of Day 4 of the Cop Conference of Parties 27th place in Sharm El Sheikh.
Environment Minister Dr. Yasmin Fouad explained that the meeting sought cooperation between the sides to announce the enhancement of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and the US sides in the field of protecting the environment and combating climate change.

And she pointed out the Dr. Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad, the ministry’s top priorities by taking care of waste recycling, engaging its sector, taking care of infrastructure and supporting the government’s role, referring to the issuance of the first waste law and the first waste strategy to help reduce emissions Apart from waste that may affect the climate, a principle that is aimed at enhancing cooperation between The sides to address environmental issues of common interest to the United States and Egypt in the fields of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and environmental management, reaffirmed their desire to establish closer cooperation to address these challenges.

The Environment Minister emphasized the need to work jointly to combat the adverse environmental impacts that may occur, the serious risks to human health and the environment associated with climate change, and the need to find long-term solutions to these issues by engaging the general public by recognizing the benefits that Can verify effective treatment for climate change, confirmed The importance of sustainable development is to protect and enhance the environment for the health and well-being of present and future generations.

The “50 by 2050” Waste Initiative seeks to drive more investment and efforts to develop African waste management ecosystems, rapidly addressing inherent challenges by increasing treatment and recycling capacities, and determining the required level, Yasmine Fouad To make policies and raise the global continental awareness, investments will also contribute in the form of Live addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG goals for the private sector, making this initiative an implementation tool in line with COP27 ambition.

For his part, Mr. Michael Reagan emphasized the need to pay attention to environmental matters at the level of mitigation and adaptation, and also the part on waste recycling confirmed that the Agency sought to increase cooperation in these areas with Egypt, through mutually defined activities, pointing to the determination of the Agency Environmental protection, cooperation and work with the Ministry of Environment. In the Arab Republic of Egypt to strengthen the ministry’s capacity to study and address climate change mitigation through laws, policies and decision-making processes in Egypt, and to strengthen the framework of its environmental management at the technical level, through joint seminars and training workshops Meeting and sharing of information and experiences
The parties emphasized their commitment to the importance of bilateral cooperation to improve the environmental situation on a regional or multilateral basis, and to strengthen cooperation between sides to develop sustainable and sustainable solutions to protect the environment and tackle climate change.

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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.