Attending the COP27 Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Chef Manal Al Alem offers cooking helps combat climate change

Chef Manal Al- Alem not only provided a single recipe for preparing a dish using its various ingredients, but it also provided 75 sustainable and original recipes, where she co-founded, in corporation with “Kitchen Connection”, a methodology cookbook entitled “For People and Planet”, this step came to support the United Nations.

Many professional chefs, global farmers, and food system thought leaders from around the world participated in the preparation of the recipes.

Chef Manal stated from Sharm el-Sheikh, where she was attending the Conference, that she felt proud and that combating climate change was everyone’s responsibility.

“All of the recipes in this special book are concerned with the climate footprint that we leave while eating this food,” she explained.

Chef Manal Al-Alem from Jordan is known as the Queen of Arabic Kitchen for her Arabic recipes, and she has inspired millions of people worldwide.

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