Music, passion, and powerful women: Launch of amplifyHER, an exciting new UN podcast

Music, passion, and powerful women: Launch of amplifyHER, an exciting new UN podcast

Today, the UN launches amplifyHER; a vibrant, music-filled podcast, celebrating exciting women artists from around the world.

According to UN, many women produce art in the face of, and sometimes inspired by, the challenges they face in society, whether related to insecurity, human rights, climate change, inequality, or simply because of their gender.

The series is a compelling blend of music, interviews, and natural sound, featuring inspiring female musicians from various cultural backgrounds discussing their challenges as women in a male-dominated industry, how they’ve overcome obstacles, and what motivates them to keep creating music.

“Making this series was a joy,” says the amplifyHER presenter, Laura Quinoñes. “I was able to have conversations with these huge talents, who felt comfortable being vulnerable with me, speaking to me from their safe spaces: studios, kitchens, even their bedrooms!”

With help from music entertainment company SoundCloud, which is committed to supporting women artists, the UN team identified 10 women artists, representing a diverse range of countries and cultures

amplifyHER is dedicated to women and girls everywhere, particularly to those whose dreams and aspirations are unfulfilled, due to discrimination and oppression.

“The empowerment of women and girls, as well as the achievement of gender equality, are central to the United Nations’ mission,” says Melissa Fleming, the UN’s head of Global Communications.

Attending the COP27 Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Chef Manal Al Alem offers cooking helps combat climate change

Attending the COP27 Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Chef Manal Al Alem offers cooking helps combat climate change

Chef Manal Al- Alem not only provided a single recipe for preparing a dish using its various ingredients, but it also provided 75 sustainable and original recipes, where she co-founded, in corporation with “Kitchen Connection”, a methodology cookbook entitled “For People and Planet”, this step came to support the United Nations.

Many professional chefs, global farmers, and food system thought leaders from around the world participated in the preparation of the recipes.

Chef Manal stated from Sharm el-Sheikh, where she was attending the Conference, that she felt proud and that combating climate change was everyone’s responsibility.

“All of the recipes in this special book are concerned with the climate footprint that we leave while eating this food,” she explained.

Chef Manal Al-Alem from Jordan is known as the Queen of Arabic Kitchen for her Arabic recipes, and she has inspired millions of people worldwide.

United Nations “UN” Women goodwill ambassador for Africa intensifies efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) in Liberia

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for Africa, Jaha Dukureh, announced her upcoming visit to Liberia from the 19th to the 27th of this month, to advocate against female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage, and support the country’s attempts in the matter.

As a Gambian survivor of both FGM and child marriage, Ms. Dukureh was elected for the position of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for Africa in February 2018, to share her support of eliminating FGM, a brutal and extremely harmful act against women of all ages and child marriage as well.

Following the youth mobilization and campaigning in Gambia, she worked side by side with women’s organizations and civil society, and played a part in the FGM ban, enforced by the Gambian Government in 2015.

Moreover, she partook in former president, Barack Obama’s investigation on FGM in the United states, in addition to the following summit to end FGM at the United States Institute of Peace.

Coincidentally, her visit will correspond with the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign, which will take place from 25 November to 10 December, under the global theme, “Unite, Activism to end violence against women and girls” and national theme, “With one voice, let us unite to end violence against women, girls and children.”

Ms. Dukureh’s visit comes after Liberia’s sign up to the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender Based Violence in 2021, aspiring to lend a helping hand to the country’s efforts towards the elimination of FGM through multi-stakeholder engagements and high-level advocacy and social mobilization, according to a quote by Comfort Lamptey, UN Women Liberia Country Representative.

A public screening of “Jaha’s Promise”, a biographical documentary film about the life and advocacy efforts of Jaha Dukureh, will be among the highlights of her visit, along with engagements with various stakeholders including traditional and religious leaders, followed by a solidarity walk to end gender based violence in Liberia, and of course the launch of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based violence, as well as the launch of a Vocational and Heritage centre in Sonkay Town, Liberia, one of four vocational and heritage centers established by UN Women under the framework of the European Union and UN Spotlight Initiative, which will presumably offer alternative economic livelihood programs to former traditional practitioners of FGM in Liberia.

We expect, the goodwill ambassador is going to engage with a diverse group of change makers, which includes diplomatic community, civil society, government officials, women’s organizations, traditional leaders, and the media, along with raising awareness on the depth, scale, and the brutal repercussions of FGM, and reinforce the overall public knowledge.

Back in February 2022, the national Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia joined by the Government of Liberia, declared the prohibition of FGM for three consecutive years, 2022-2025.

Unfortunately, this didn’t change the absence of an FGM criminalizing law in Liberia, among three West African countries, even after signing regional and international human rights instruments, including the Maputo Protocol that seeks to outlaw FGM, and condemns the practice as a human rights violation.

The Liberian government’s efforts to put an end to all gender-based violence, through the global Spotlight Initiative pursuing the elimination of violence of all forms against women and girls, including FGM and other harmful practices, are strongly supported by UN women.