Arab Union for Community Development: President El-Sisi pays great attention to empowering women

Dr Reham Al-Assi, President of the Arab Union for Sustainable Community Development in the League of Arab States, said that since President El-Sisi took over the presidency of Egypt, he has paid great attention to women’s empowerment, especially that we since the new republic wants to see women in a new form and a new vision and to be placed on the right path.
Reham Al-Assi confirmed that the National Council for Women plays a major role in supporting and empowering Egyptian women, especially after the launch of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, pointing out that we must support institutions so that we can achieve equal opportunities between the sexes and empower women. So that we can achieve the general policy of the state.
The National Council for Women prepared an introductory guide on “Empowering Women’s Access to Decision-Making “, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and Egypt’s Vision 2030 to empower women.
Dr Nisreen Al-Baghdadi, a member of the National Council for Women and rapporteur of the Council’s Training Committee, stressed the importance of this guide prepared by the committee, in light of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s announcement, at the Egyptian Women’s Day celebration in March 2022, of the Government Excellence Award for Equal Opportunities and Women’s Empowerment, noting that the guide aims to support institutions in their journey towards achieving equal opportunities and empowering women, to achieve the implementation of public policies; In order to take into account the issues of equal opportunities and women.

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