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Egyptian Women’s Awards in 2022

Egyptian Women’s Awards in 2022

Egyptian women are always distinguished by their education, intellect, and the way they deal with difficult situations. Known for her ability to multitask and simultaneously play many roles, the Egyptian woman does everything differently than any other woman in the world. She participated in wars, led revolutions, and changed history with her numerous achievements.


In the year 2022, Egyptian women have received many awards and appreciation in all fields, sports, social, literary, and inventions. Moreover, Egyptian women are still presenting achievements and dazzling the world to this day.


Here’s a list of some of these role models.


Mayar Sherif:


The tennis player was the first Egyptian to be crowned with a title in the WTA tournaments. She entered the list of the top 50 in the world rankings, and won the WTA title with 250 points, after being ranked world no. 74.


Marjan Walid:

She won 2 golds in shooting, and she’s considered the first Egyptian and the first Arab to win gold medals in shooting. In addition, Marjan received a commonwealth certificate for achieving victory against the Scottish competitor in the Welch Championship.


Dr. Dalia Sheta:


Dr. Sheta obtained an American award for the best research project, due to her discovery of a treatment for an infection that causes death to 50% of cancer patients. In an interview after being awarded, she confirmed her return to Egypt after finishing her research, which will display the university of Mansoura.


Nawal Mostafa:


The Egyptian renowned writer, who’s also chairman of the Children of Women Pioneers Association, won the “Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa” international award for woman’s empowerment.

The award celebrated her prominent role in supporting poor women and their children and protecting them from imprisonment. She successfully paid off an indebted woman’s debt for the first time in 2007 and continued pursuing that cause until she freed nearly 5000 women in debt and saved their futures.


Salma Ali:


The para-Taekwondo team champion won the title of the Prix Para-Taekwodo Championship Tournament in Saudi Arabia, after defeating the Brazilian competitor. The Championship witnessed the participation of juniors, youth, and adults.


Habiba Zain:


The young poet received the Ahmed Fouad Negm Award for Colloquial Poetry for her collection “Gemaiz’s Biography”. In her words, she said winning the competition was a provision from Allah.


Nourhan El-Mahdy:


Dr. Nourhan El Mahdy, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, was granted no less than three international awards this year. Namely the Leonardo da Vinci Prize for Painting from Italy, the Paris International Prize, where Egypt was represented in an exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris in October 2022, and most recently the Barcelona International prize in November 2022, for her participation in the Fourth International Barcelona Biennial 2022 in Spain, which is held every 2 years at the Modern European Museum (MEAM).


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