Ahed Tamimi Gives Statements Upon Release from Israeli Prisons Last Night

by Nada Khaled

According to the press, Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi was released last night among 30 Palestinian hostages from Israeli prison systems.

The activist, who is only 22 years old, was detained earlier this month over an Instagram post that she denied posting.

Photos from Damon Prison, which is close to the occupied city of Haifa, revealed Tamimi’s return to the West Bank late yesterday.

She allegedly threatened to “slaughter” Jewish settlers, according to settlers and Israeli corrupted media.

Her mother, however, asserts that her daughter was not the owner of the Instagram account in question.

So far in the truce, Israel has released over 200 Palestinian women and children, while Hamas has released 70 Israelis, according to the ongoing hostage exchange deal.

At the time of her daughter’s arrest, Ahed’s mother repeatedly told AFP news agency, quote: There are dozens of pages in Ahed’s name with her photo, with which she has no connection.

Upon release, Ahed appeared shaking and distorted; she addressed the mistreatment Palestinian inmates endure in Israeli jails, emphasizing that both men and women were constantly beaten.

She went on to reveal that the Israeli Forces have threatened her over and over that if she mentioned the situation of her incarceration, they would kill her father, who is still being held captive in Israeli jails.

She prayed for the release of all Palestinian hostages and the Palestinian territories as she wrapped up her remarks.

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