Netflix Set to Produce Documentary on Hurghada’s Bottlenose Dolphins’ Life Cycle

by Nada Khaled

A team from the Netflix streaming platform, as well as a specialized team of photographers and technicians, were drawn to the Northern Islands Reserve in the Red Sea and decided to go and create a film about the lives of Bottlenose dolphins in Hurghada, one of the three main areas in the world where these dolphins live.

The 18-day filming period will take place in the dolphins’ natural habitats, and a dolphin expert from abroad will accompany the crew, according to Egypt Independent’s website.

The four parts of the 75-minute documentary will premiere on Netflix in 2024.

The Netflix crew followed all protocols regarding the reserves and took pictures of dolphins while coordinating with the Ministry of Environment’s Nature Protection Sector through the Red Sea reserves and obtaining the required permits from the State Information Service.

The Northern Islands Reserve’s sites were chosen based on daily dolphin sightings, according to Red Sea Reserves Director Ahmed Ghallab.

He claimed that the movie will support the growth of foreign travel to Egypt, particularly eco-tourism around the Red Sea.

He described how the area, which welcomes hundreds of visitors every day, is one of the reserves’ most significant biodiversity hotspots.

Ghallab clarified that there are stringent guidelines that must be adhered to by anyone observing the dolphins, including keeping a 50-meter distance and refraining from bothering the creatures.

He advised spending no more than twenty minutes observing the dolphins. Furthermore, because dolphins are extremely sensitive to sound, loud noises like horns, calls, whistling, and clapping should be avoided.

Many tourists, both foreign and Egyptian, travel to Hurghada on cruises to see dolphins in various parts of the city and Marsa Alam.

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