WSF explains why Madinaty Club is hosting the 2022 Women’s World Team Squash Championships

William Lois-Marie, CEO of the World Squash Federation (WSF), has spoken about his fondness of TMG’s Madinaty Sports Club, which was chosen by the federation to host the WSF’s Women’s World Team Squash Championships of the year 2022.

He explained that the first reason behind Egypt hosting this tournament was in response to the Egyptian Squash Federation’s request following their national team’s victorious triumph in the previous tournament in 2018. According to the WSF, their sublime win has earned them the honor of hosting this year’s championships.

Lois-Marie secondly praised the club’s state-of-the-art squash courts, including the main glass court that’s currently holding the tournament, in addition to their superb equipment and facilities, confirming that it is fully fit to host the 2022 Women’s World Team Squash Championships.

More importantly, the Egyptian national squash team includes the world’s most celebrated squash champions, and Egypt has been taking the lead in the sport for years, and this is partially why the federation picked Egypt to play host to the tournament.

The 2022 WSF Women’s World Team Squash Championships is already in progress at Madinaty Sports Club as of  Saturday, December 10th, and will continue until the 16th of the same month.

The WSF’s CEO stated that he is looking forward to a powerful competition, which joins the best squash players from seventeen countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, and the united states as well as Egypt among others, with a huge fanbase that follows and supports squash.

He also remarked that the tournament will be broadcasted on World Squash TV and OnTime Sports, indicating that it is expected to be one of the best tournaments, especially since it is the final competition this year, adding that the world’s best players will surely enjoy a great tournament in TMG’s Madinaty Club.


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