Top 50 Women Forum Honors 50 Most Influential Women in 2nd Edition of Women Professionals Summit

by nevine

Cairo – 4 March 2023: The second edition of Women Professionals Summit, scheduled for March 12, will announce the annual list of the 50 most influential women in business for the year 2022, which is one of the most prominent, annual awards in Egypt that celebrates the successes of Egyptian women in all sectors, aiming to shed light on female models who can anticipate and shape the future in light of these global changes, and lead institutional work, whether in the government or the private sector.

The current edition of the summit’s selection of winners focuses on an advanced criterion to monitor exceptional successes, and the extent to which the winners rise to the challenge despite the current global circumstances and repercussions that affect all aspects of life, in light of the Egyptian state’s permanent commitment and the deep belief of the political leadership, the need to maintain policies that support the economic empowerment of Egyptian women and enhance their access to leadership positions, and also pay attention to reforms aimed at accelerating gender equality in business institutions.

The new session of the summit, organized by Top 50 Women Forum, in partnership with the National Council for Women and Amwal Al-Ghad Economic Magazine, an affiliate of the United Media Services Company (UMS), will be launched under the theme (Empower Women.. to Empower Egypt).

This year’s activities focus on women’s leadership and empowerment, supporting and consolidating the role of Egyptian women in life in general, exchanging experiences and views on best practices and corrective measures to put issues of importance to women on national and local agendas, As well as agendas of the media, universities, schools, civil society institutions, and think tanks concerned with culture and arts, in light of global developments and conditions that require enhancing the acceleration of the sustainable development goals.

The list of the 50 most influential women in business enterprises for the year 2022 promotes the adoption of the best global practices related to policies in support of Egyptian women by spotlighting their successes and highlighting them through all media coverage services participating in the summit, as exceptional examples of Egyptian, influential women to be followed in Egyptian society and economy as a whole and to directly influence the new generations of women and encourage them to repeat these successes. This recognition also motivates Egyptian women entrepreneurs to continuously develop their performance in the business world.

The honoring of this year’s list of winners will be monitored by a group of ministers, which reflects the extent of confidence in the selection process subject to precise and scientific criteria to push the honorees into community actions and comprehensive initiatives aimed at promoting development in the Egyptian state.

During the summit, dozens of leading female figures in many aspects of life will share their inspiring success stories and dazzling life events that led to unconventional career paths that went beyond mere recognition and praise to the necessity to internationally showcase them as experiences that must come into view in full details, especially in light of global and local challenges that need inspiration, hope, and opportunities.

This year’s ceremony will bring together a large group of ministers, officials, decision-makers, and CEOs of companies and institutions, in addition to the participation of over 300 women leaders representing many professional sectors, such as financial, economic, sports, artistic, cultural, educational, media, entrepreneurship, and other professional disciplines in which women excelled, in addition to a number of Egyptian university students from all governorates of Egypt.

The event will include many vital events attended by a group of officials, experts, and specialists in the field of women’s empowerment efforts and achieving sustainability, and focuses on happiness and success and their importance in women’s lives, how to plan for their future and adapt to society and family, the talents and skills they need in the future, how to reach the top of the leadership pyramid, the role of ideals in their lives, and how to acquire the right fighting spirit in order to prove themselves.

The summit aims to introduce the international community to the leadership and national identity of Egyptian women as the powerful female representation of the new republic that promotes development and leadership, and develops a positive dialogue on the best international practices related to policies that support professional women to establish a balanced strategy that motivates women, celebrates their contributions, and develops their capabilities along with their crucial role in achieving societal cohesion and family stability.

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