Ain Shams University Enactus team Crowned As 2022 Enactus World Cup Champion

Ain Shams University Enactus team was chosen as the winning team at the 2022 Enactus World Cup in Puerto Rico, which was held during the period from 30 October to 2 November 2022.

Ain Shams University’s Enactus team was crowned the 2022 Enactus Egypt National Champion, qualifying them to represent Egypt, as one of the 4 finals. The winning team turned a potential biodiversity crisis into a remarkable opportunity for the fishery, poultry, and agricultural sectors.

The signal crayfish is a North American species of crayfish, which was listed by the European Union as invasive. It appeared as a foreign creature to the inhabitant of the ecological system in Egypt. So, they managed after many days of research and hard work to introduce a new product to be a milestone for a new eco-friendly industry.

Enactus Egypt Founder, Farma Serry, congratulated the winning team, acclaiming the creativity, innovation, and commitment of the Egyptian youth.

“Enactus Egypt trains its members to address any challenge and turn it to any opportunity to achieve economic return to benefit the community”, said Fatma Serry.

Held for the first time in Puerto Rico, the 2022 Enactus World Cup draws 3K visitors from 55 countries.

“We have worked tirelessly to offer an event that sets new precedents, with experiences of cultural immersion, business networking, and competitions in a collaborative spirit. Being the first in-person World Cup after COVID-19, it becomes more relevant and there is a lot of expectation,” said Rosa Hernández, chairwoman of the Board of Enactus Puerto Rico.

Enactus Egypt began its journey in 2004, and by 2019, has established programs in 52 universities with 6,700 active student members from different Egyptian governorates. Enactus Egypt’s mission is to be the best-known and key strategic partner with leading businesses in Egypt to empower communities through enterprise education and develop leaders who will create a better world through business. Enactus Egypt won the Enactus World Cup five times in 2009, and 2010, as well as in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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