Prime Minister discusses with International Cooperation Minister the results of her meetings and ‘international cooperation’ initiatives during the climate summit

Prime Minister discusses with International Cooperation Minister the results of her meetings and ‘international cooperation’ initiatives during the climate summit

Madbouli emphasizes the importance of continuing to strengthen multilateral cooperation efforts and consolidating partnerships between Egypt and development partners in order to stimulate national development vision and green transformation efforts.

Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouli held a meeting yesterday evening with Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister for International Cooperation, where the ministry’s activity was reviewed within the framework of the events of the UN Framework Agreement on Climate Change (COP27), which concluded its activities at Sharm el sheik city recently

During the meeting, the Minister of International Cooperation reviewed the results of her intensive meeting with multilateral and bilateral development partners, during which she looked for ways to support and strengthen joint cooperation frameworks and push the vision of national development and green transformation efforts in Egypt.

The Minister of International Cooperation cited the initiatives launched during the climate conference as a sign of the results of the efforts to mobilize facilitated development funding for the National Platform for Green Projects, the International Cooperation Programme, to stimulate green transformation and implement the National Strategy for climate change. Brotherhood, nationally determined contributions to NDCs, also took up the top recommendations of the “Sharm El Sheikh Fair Funding Guide”, which aims To stimulate climate-related funding, strengthen multilateral cooperation and international partnerships, and release the climate and development report in cooperation with the World Bank

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat reviewed the mechanisms of the “Sharm El-Sheikh Guide to Fair Funding”, launched at the climate conference aimed at stimulating the capacity of developing countries and emerging economies to attract climate investments and the tools by which it works to achieve fair climate funding through joint work of relevant parties from international finance institutions and non-purpose organizations For-profit, public and private sectors

The meeting also addresses initiatives launched to enhance the role of start-ups in the Climatech Run climate action, accelerate equal opportunity between gender climate action in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and ongoing coordination with Alla Funds CIF climate will be fruitful to implement the investment initiative in nature and climate in Egypt

The Minister of International Cooperation clarified that “COP 27” was a real opportunity to achieve more international cooperation, create the link between development and climate change actions, assuring the continuation of work in coordination with national authorities and development partners over the next 12 months throughout Egypt’s presidency For climate conference, to advance efforts to promote national platform Green Projects has a “Novfi” program to mobilize facilitated financing mechanisms, including mixed financing and private sector investments, and to strengthen joint relationships with multilateral and bilateral development partners to support the Development State Vision 2030 and the National Strategy for Change Climate 2050

At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Mustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister, addressed the importance of continuing to strengthen multilateral cooperation efforts and consolidating partnerships between Egypt and development partners in order to stimulate national development vision and green transformation efforts.

Africa grows green announces winning start-ups during COP27

COP27 is the ultimate platform to acknowledge sustainable initiatives and celebrate them. For that reason, the Africa Goes Green (AGG) Awards, grabbed the opportunity to announce the winning project, in the presence of Yasmine Fouad, minister of environment, Reem Abd El Meguid, co-founder of “Istidama” and Emad Hefny, CEO of “Seeders Capital”, as partner and jury member.

Thirteen local and international start-ups working in various sustainability sectors, were celebrated as winners across four categories, including five projects from Egypt, four from Africa, and four from USA, Netherlands, Canada and Spain.

Technologies that address climate change impacts, projects by women-led green medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), mitigation and adaptation green finance for banks and investors, and research centers and non-profit institutions, all fall under the categories of the award.

“We received very interesting and innovative projects with solutions in Green energy and waste, among many others.” Stated Emad Hefny, CEO of (Seeders Capital).
Adding, “Seeders future vision is to create an impact fund to invest in start-ups working in four key pillars including energy, waste, air and water. Since we are well connected to many entities, we believe this is a good platform to start from.”

Reem Abd El Meguid, Co-Founder of Istidama and Co-Founder of AGG, said: “I’m very pleased that today we are finally celebrating today true talents and potential future leaders who are adamant about creating impact and achieving footprint for a more sustainable world”. She continued, “I would also like to thank the government entities, respectful ministers, and the sponsors who supported this initiative and made it possible to see the light in one of Egypt’s most celebrated platforms today.”

“The Global Start-up Awards (GSA) Africa is about unearthing the next gen technology pioneers that can lead us into delivering climate change and development solutions that will drive meaningful impact for Africa and the globe.” Commented Jo Griffiths, Co-founder of GSA Africa.

Ramon Lopez, Distrito Digital Climate Change Program Director, pleaded: “Solutions for the mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change should be designed with a global perspective but having an impact on the local markets. The winning start-ups fulfill this requirement bringing disruptive solutions from Africa and other international countries. Climate Change District, which I represent, is an initiative that is willing to help those start-ups who want to implement their climate change solutions for the Spanish Market.”

“We plan to commercialize solutions across borders and to extend globally through seeders investors.” Concluded by Emad Hefny.

The competition held by AGG, has witnessed the participation of local and global start-ups, surpassing 200 competitors coming from all across the globe, including Africa, Asia, America and Europe. The 12 juries of the evaluation committee came from Egypt, USA, Spain, and the Republic Democratic of Congo.

Women’s participation in climate action is indispensable: Mohieldin

Women have leadership qualities and the ability to solve problems, which makes their participation in development and climate action indispensable, said UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt and UN Special Envoy on Financing 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda Mahmoud Mohieldin.

“Women all over the world have demonstrated their ability to make decisions and solve problems through their leadership of international organizations, governments, and ministries in various countries,” Mohieldin said during the opening session of Gender Day in Cairo, “Women’s Agency in Climate Dialogue and Implementation, Win-Win for All.”

Mohieldin said that women are victims of global crises such as poverty, hunger, a lack of funding, and a lack of education, adding that two-thirds of the world’s women are illiterate. Women account for 63 percent of the world’s poor, emphasizing the importance of improving their access to education and finance.

He emphasized the importance of pluralism and the need to improve women’s participation in development and climate action decision-making, highlighting the National Council for Women’s initiative in raising awareness among women about climate issues.

Mohieldin cited women’s active participation in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, where they submitted over 1,000 projects out of the approximately 6,000 that were registered. Three of the 18 winning projects were submitted by women, he added.

Yasmine Fouad, the minister of environment, gave a speech on behalf of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. Participants in the session included Rania El-Mashat, minister of international cooperation, Hala El-Said, minister of planning and economic development, Nevine El-Qabbaj, minister of social solidarity, Ghada Waly, undersecretary-general of the UN and executive director of the UN Office on Drugs, Maya Morsy, president of Egypt’s National Council for Women, Sima Bahous, executive director of UN Women, and African women ministers, women leaders, and representatives of regional and international organizations.

In another session titled “Women and Climate Change Finance,” Mohieldin emphasized the importance of enhancing the role of women in the business sector, particularly given that COP27 is the summit of implementation and partnerships, by taking a comprehensive approach and reviewing the rules governing women’s participation in this regard.

Mohieldin mentioned the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, which is being implemented at the governorate level in Egypt in collaboration with the ministries of planning, environment, and international cooperation, as well as several interested parties. The initiative saw an adequate representation of women in the six categories, but he added that there is a need to strengthen their participation in this initiative, noting that it will be held every year.

Mohieldin explained that many projects related to climate change resilience and food security are led by women, which necessitates the provision of simple financing means. He emphasized that global financing conditions have a direct impact on women’s participation in local and international climate action.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of promoting women’s participation in leadership positions through appropriate legislation and behavioural changes.