Health Ministry Advocates the Importance of Mental Health Care for Women

The Ministry of Health and Population affirmed that maintaining women’s mental health is important as women are way more susceptible to depression and anxiety than men. The Ministry of Health and Population stated: Globally, there are about 76 million women, especially adolescents, who suffer from a major depressive episode every year. It further indicated that […]

Health Ministry Provides 770,000 Free Medical Services to Support Women’s Health

Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, unveiled all the free medical services provided within 63 days of launching the 100 Days of Health campaign nationwide. In his statements, Dr. Khaled underscored that the total medical services provided in the 100 Days of Health campaign since its launch amounts to 23 million […]

Egypt’s Health Ministry Discloses Countermeasures Against COVID’s Variant “Eris”

Through a risk evaluation report on 9 August, The World Health Organization (WHO) recently addressed the newly discovered Covid Eris or EG.5, a descendent lineage of XBB.1.9.2, a mixture subvariant of the infamous Omicron variant. The Ministry, however, confirmed that Egypt is yet to receive a reported case of the coronavirus’s new EG.5 variant and […]

Egypt’s Health Ministry Announces Steps to Treat Breast Cancer

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed a method for detecting breast cancer through the President’s initiative to support Egyptian women’s health. The Ministry of Health and Population stated that the method includes: 1-   Examination of the woman by the specialized medical team. 2-   Recording the data in a confidential manner that preserves the patient’s […]

Egypt Prepares Hospitals in Upper Egypt for Evacuees from Sudan

Egypt raised the state of preparedness in hospitals located in Aswan and other neighboring governorates in Upper Egypt for Egyptian and Sudanese people as well as nationals of other countries evacuated from Sudan. In a statement on Friday, April 28, the Ministry of Health said its teams are also conducting examinations for the nationals returning […]

Egyptian Health Ministry Launches 48 Free Medical Convoys Nationwide

Egypt launched 48 free medical convoys nationwide until 20 April, as part of the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, the Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population announced. The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, emphasized that the healthcare convoys have been assigned towards border governorates and rural communities with the […]