Egypt’s Now-Famous Protestor Rahma Zein Appears on Piers Morgan Uncensored

By Nada El-Margoushy On Wednesday, October 25, Egyptian Podcaster Rahma Zein, who recently went viral on social media for confronting CNN’s Reporter Clarissa Ward, appeared live on the famed British talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored. In the interview, Rahma denounced the Israeli aggression against innocent Palestinians and condemned Western media for using Hamas as an […]

Queen Rania Denounces Europe’s Silence Over Israeli Attack on Gaza

Jordan’s Queen Rania censured yesterday the West’s refusal to back a ceasefire in Palestine. “The silence is deafening and, to many in our region, it makes the Western world complicit through the cover that they give Israel”, said the queen in her interview with CNN. She further has reprimanded the Western leaders of a “glaring […]

National Museum of Women in the Arts Reopens in Washington

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, D.C., will officially reopen on October 21 at a cost of $67.5 Million after several years of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, offering remodeled galleries and event spaces, as well as a clean exterior. A new exhibition titled “The Sky is the Limit” […]

Eco-Nubia is a Model for Reviving Egypt’s Heritage While Preserving Environment

Located within a short distance from the famous Aswan Dam, the Temple of Philae, on the islet of Aguilkya, immerses visitors in the history of ancient Egypt. Dedicated to the protective goddess Isis, its bas-reliefs and murals make it an exquisite sanctuary in the country. Aboard his small motorboat, Ahmed Yehia sails serenely towards this […]