Get to know more about Eng. Dina Abdel Moneim, first-ever chairwoman for military factory

The decision to appoint Dina Abdel-Moneim as a board chairwoman for one of the ministry’s affiliated factories aligned with the directives of the Minister of Military Production Minister Mohamed Mostafa to apply the principles of equal opportunities and equity in the ministry explained the spokesperson of the ministry Mohamed Bakr.

Abdel-Moneim holds a university degree in electrical power and machinery engineering and a master’s degree in automatic control. 

She studied at the Leadership Programme for Governmental Excellence at Kings University in London and the American University in Cairo.

She also holds an accredited International Business Certificate from the University of Missouri, according to Bakr.

Abdel-Moneim Joined the military production ministry in 1998 as a maintenance engineer at one of its affiliated companies. She moved up the ranks in several senior posts to become assistant minister for development and follow-up, according to Bakr.

Inaugurated in 1954, Shubra for Engineering Industries Company (Military Factory 27) produced the country’s first-ever 100% Egyptian-made military product – the 9 mm ammunition shot.

The company currently produces ammunition for all types of small arms as well as civilian-use products, including electric fans, electric motors, panels, and hoods.