Shelbaya: The “Amla shoghlaha” program is a promising step towards supporting and empowering women

by nevine
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, PepsiCo Egypt held a graduation ceremony for the first batch of the “Amla Shoghlaha” program, in cooperation with Injaz Egypt. The program launched last March, aiming to change the traditional approach to the process of hiring women in the private sector, in addition to increasing their representation in male-dominated jobs such as sales, operations, and factories.
For his part, Mohamed Shelbaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, said: “I am proud of what we are witnessing today of the culmination of our efforts and the efforts of the participants in the “Amla Shoghlaha” program, which constituted a bright mark in the company’s long history in supporting and empowering women, and today we allow the 50 participants who reached the finals with training opportunities within the company in Egypt and providing an opportunity for employment in the company to those who excel.
Dina Al-Mufti, founder of INJAZ Egypt, said: “INJAZ Egypt is proud of implementing the job worker program, which achieved great success among a distinguished group of recent graduates, as we were able to qualify girls to enter the labor market in various jobs that are predominantly male, and thus grant Graduates the opportunity to prove themselves. This program reflects our vision of youth empowerment and is a big step towards achieving that goal.”
C.D. Glenn, President of the PepsiCo Foundation – the charitable arm of PepsiCo, said: “The Foundation focuses on achieving community development and providing all available means of support, especially women as an important member of society, that’s why most of our programs in the Middle East and North Africa focus on community development. We were keen to provide our greatest amount of support for the “Amla Shoghlaha” program in considering the capabilities and qualifications that Egyptian women possess, which help them excel with merit, and this is what I have already witnessed in the participants of the program during the training camp. We are currently studying the successful community development model that was applied in Egypt so that we can replicate the same model with the same effect in other countries in North Africa and the Middle East, in order to develop and expand our programs and improve the lives of a greater number of beneficiaries.”
It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the “Amla Shoghlaha” program was divided into four phases. In the first phase, 600 female students, selected from public universities and different governorates, participated and were provided with basic skills to qualify them for the labor market. Then, 300 female students were selected to be trained practically and technically on mechanisms and skills for the labor market and prepare them for the third stage, the filtration of 150 female participants.

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