Rasha Mansour is a talented Egyptian artist who loves to design jewelry. Her passion for gold and bringing art to life pushed her to learn the art of making jewelry. Finally, her hard work and persistence paid off and she successfully launched her own line of fine jewelry, which resembles ancient Egypt. She aimed for her jewelry to positively represent Egyptian heritage and reach a worldwide audience.

Featuring iconic ancient artifacts and scenery, Rasha’s collection has a variety of unique pieces with captivating backstories and charming gold details. As a tribute to the ancient Egyptian heritage, she kept the authentic originality of each piece.

The infamous lotus flower that follows the cycle of the sun was a major inspiration for Rasha’s brand campaign as a personal favorite of hers. At night, the flower closes off and falls below the Nile’s surface, only to rise again and open its petals at dawn.

The collection includes stunning and detailed scenes and pieces of ancient Egypt. While each piece fits the modern age, they all still maintain their authentic stories in beautiful details of gold. Rasha Mansour wanted to keep the pieces as they are, in honor of what Ancient Egypt has brought into the world. Moreover, the lotus flower was the main inspiration for the brand campaign. The Lotus flower follows the sun cycle, as it closes and sinks beneath the waters of the Nile at night. It rises once again and opens at dawn.

Furthermore, Rasha’s design features a variety of ancient mythological items including the “Ankh”, which represents the unity between masculinity and femininity, and Khepri the scarab beetle god who resembles resurrection. She uses high-quality gold and mesmerizing gemstones to create different pieces, like rings, necklaces, bangles, and charms. Her wonderful creations are a portrayal of elegance and glory, each individual piece tells a beautiful story.

As an Egyptian jeweler, Rasha is devoted to globally represent the timeless beauty of her country’s ancient heritage with her authentic collection of gold jewelry.

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