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Rania Al Mashat Attends Launch of Arabic version of “Daughters of the Nile”

Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, participated in the celebration of the launch of the Arabic version of the book “Daughters of the Nile”, hosted by the National Council for Women (NCW), in partnership with the Egypt Peace Lovers Association and Dar Al-Shorouk, to celebrate the pioneering women who dealt with the book “Daughters of the Nile” that included the biography of the most inspiring group of women.

Mashat was joined by Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, Dr. Samia Spencer, editor of the book, Amira Abu Al-Majd, representative of Al-Shorouk Publishing House, and many pioneering women in the fields of economics and development work, the banking sector and other areas discussed in the book.

The book deals with the inspiring stories of 38 Egyptian women who have stories of struggle and success in various fields and dedicates a chapter on the career path of Dr. Along with other women in academia, arts, banking, development, diplomacy, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, political science, medicine, public relations, science and technology, social services, sports, international relations, and international organizations.

At the beginning of her speech, the Minister of International Cooperation thanked Dr. Samia Spencer, the editor of the book, and those in charge of its preparation, stressing that the book is a pivotal and important work in changing the prevailing perception of Egyptian girls and women in Western media, and emphasizing the developmental role that Egyptian women can play in various areas, including development, decision-making,

Mashat emphasized the ability of Egyptian women to succeed, excel, achieve their ambitions, and contribute strongly and effectively to development efforts, despite the challenges they face, noting that every woman who succeeds and excels in her field opens the horizon for more women to advance, achieve ambition, and overcome difficulties and challenges.

Moreover, she stated that the Egyptian woman positively affected her surroundings and society and was the best contributor in various fields that are not included in the book, noting that the book is the Arabic version of the English version, which was issued in 2017 in New York during the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations by the House of Representatives. British publication Cambridge Scholars, which I co-founded at the time.

The Minister said the book “Daughters of the Nile” deals with the biography of great women, many of whom were inspirations for many girls and women in society, adding: I feel very humble that my career in the book comes alongside great women whom I considered inspirations and role models in my life. I was young, and the book deals with the period of my work in the Central Bank until 2016 before I returned to the International Monetary Fund and was honored to join government work.

The Minister of International Cooperation also thanked all the former female ministers in the history of the Egyptian government, the pioneering women in various fields, and university professors, who were role models and contributed to women’s belief in their capabilities, stressing that her presence in this position in the service of Egypt is an unparalleled honor and that she learned a lot from pioneering women in her professional and academic career.


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