On International Migrants Day: Egypt showcases prevention, integration work

by Asmaa Elwahy

On International Migrants Day: Egypt showcases prevention, integration work

According to Egypt today, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued yesterday a statement on the occasion of International Migrants Day, showcasing the efforts deployed by Egypt to host nine million refugees and migrants.

Egypt, according to the ministry, does not confine refugees and migrants in camps or detention centres. Rather, they are allowed to move freely throughout the country and have the same basic rights as citizens.

Similarly, the ministry stated that Egypt contributes to the reduction of illegal migration through development, youth capacity-building, and not barring migrants from working in Egypt.

Egypt has formed the National Coordination Committee on Combating Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking, whose function is concerting the efforts of different governmental bodies to deal with the two issues.

“Migration management necessitates international cooperation, contribution, solidarity, and shared responsibility. In addition to collaboration among origin, transit, and destination countries to establish clear and equitable migration rules, reduce forced displacement, and strengthen integration, “According to the statement.

According to previous statements, Egypt has six million refugees, mostly Africans, except for 500,000, who are Syrians. That is in addition to others who are classified as migrants but not refugees.

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