The National Union of Eritrean Women organized an activity assessment meeting on 15 and 16 December in Asmara.

Speaking at the occasion, Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael, President of the union, said that the objective of the meeting was to review the activities conducted to empower women and the achievements registered as well as the challenges encountered and measures that have been taken to address the challenges.

Indicating the contribution of Eritrean Women in bringing national independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty as well as in the nation-building process, Ms. Tekea called for increased participation for the total emancipation of women.

Commending the participation the regional administrations and Government institutions have been demonstrating in the effort to empower women, Ms. Tekea called on the committees established to oversee the development of women to work double-fold in the implementation of the charted-out programs for 2023.

The participants conducted extensive discussions on the reports presented and adopted various recommendations.

At the meeting program for 2023 designed in accordance with the five years, strategic plan was presented and the participants conducted extensive discussion.

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