“National for Disabilities”: Egypt presented a model to follow in applying the Accessibility Code at “COP27” conference.
“Iman Kareem”: reassuring people with disabilities .. The Egyptian state and at its forefront is wise political leadership sparing no effort in achieving social justice for all classes of society
Egypt has submitted a model to apply code availability to the UN Climate Change Convention COP27 held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Dr. Iman Kareem, the Supervisor General of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, said Under her eyes the formation of a positive image befitting Egypt’s position and role A hub in the Middle East region of all the countries of the world, where this conference reversed the Egyptian state making significant progress in promoting and integrating the rights of persons with disabilities with others in the society, especially the application of the code of spatial availability, which has made a significant difference in the Republic Deda.
In a press release issued by the council, Karim indicated that she looked into the available availability in Sharm El-Sheikh city in the green and blue areas during her participation in the COP27 climate summit, where she saw the availability of many availability, and found them to be of a high level of efficiency and quality. To make it more sustainable and flexible for human use Those with disabilities, among them were the availability of wheelchairs for persons with disabilities to facilitate their movement inside the conference halls, golf carts and carts equipped to transport persons with disabilities from the airport to hotels and vice versa, as well as the presence of Tada Fund cars and Nasser Social Bank In the eye of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and Egyptian Red Crescent cars in the conference areas, Green bus powered by electricity and renewable energy, Braille printing available for visually impaired participants, offices to support accessibility in the blue and green zones.
In addition to the availability of a number of volunteers to facilitate services for persons with disabilities, as well as connecting all offices with a wireless network to coordinate among them, as well as providing 6 sign language translators inside the conference halls, the council also worked on providing a sign translator in the green zone for Tessis Communication with people with hearing disabilities and translation of conference events For them, in addition to the contribution of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to the application “Control” which specializes in instant translation of sign language.
The “Supervisor General on the Council” praised the availability applied at the COP27 conference, and the extensive Egyptian efforts that led to the successful completion of the conference in the best way and knew its success, reassuring citizens of people with disabilities that the Egyptian state and at its forefront, the wise political leadership is taking over Great interest in them, spare no effort in social justice for all Categories of society in the new republic on all levels, and the best evidence of this, tangible results that everyone sees on the ground, whether in the infrastructure built by the state, or in the provision of volunteers, or even increasing the umbrella of social support for deserving citizens, to Jan Participating persons with disabilities in international and national conferences and forums Media, as well as media campaigns as our “beautiful morals” campaign

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