Mufti: The Spread of Extremist Ideas About Women’s Role and the Marital Relationship in Egypt

by nevine

The Grand Mufti of the Republic and head of the General Secretariat for the role and bodies of fatwas in the world, Dr. Shawky Allam inaugurated the course held in Alexandria for the first time. The Egyptian House of Ifta organized this course for Egyptian citizens who are planning to get married soon.

Dr. Allam praised the course initiative and highlighted the important role this session plays in educating young men and women on the foundation of marriage and forming a proper family. He added that God Almighty described marriage as a sign for contemplative thinkers because of the divine secrets it contains, which promote tranquility, affection, mercy, and the continuation of the human. He quoted verse 21 from Surat Al-Rum from the Holy Quran.

His Eminence emphasized that one of the most important constants upon which the work and activity of the Egyptian House of Ifta are based, especially in the field of family counseling, is to build full awareness of the importance of the family and its position.

According to him, the family is the pillar that makes up society, and depending on the extent of the correct foundation that achieves tranquility and stability, it will reflect progress, security, and peace in our society and the country in general.

Dr. Allam also mentioned that Dar Al-Iftaa has considered the causes of family disintegration, the spread of the phenomenon of divorce, and the collapse of marriage relations. It has studied all of this to develop a vision for correct and successful solutions, indicating that our country has been exposed to the spread of extremist ideas about the status of women, their role and the marital relationship and the foundations of its construction, and misconceptions spread about the centering of the marital relationship around the issue of right and duty only, and the most important human aspects on which the family was based and which God Almighty established, which are housing, affection, and mercy, were neglected.

He pointed out that such centers and courses are evidence of the success of the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa approach, which is based on not separating from the reality of Egyptian society. Spreading that awareness among their families, friends, and families, so that it can be activated among the people of Egyptian society.

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