Message to COP28: Where does Gaza stand in the destruction towards the environment caused by Zionists’?

Written by Dina Abdel Fattah

by admin

What is the compensation value provided by the United States in comparison to the pollution caused by weapons testing above Palestinian territories?

What happened is more than merely operationalising the ‘loss and damage’ fund or a plea for donations. Instead, it’s a global awakening that will soon outbalance. 

Message to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), currently hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE): “As a woman born, raised and living in the Middle East, where this convention is taking place, I feel compelled to remind you of the situation unfolding nearby, whereas the most horrific genocide witnessed by humanity in the modern era.” 

Massacre aggressions by the Zionist occupier on Gaza, the unimaginable committed crimes in the current century, murdering tens of thousands of innocent civilians, using the most despicable methods of brutality and the most destructive and genocidal weapons. 

This is an Ethnic cleansing towards 2.5 Million civilians who did not commit any sin except for being an indigenous population who should have the right to live freely and safely. The audacious act towards “A Land without People.” 

Because the occupier is “licentious” and will not be prevented, they will demolish all within its reach without hesitation. Children, women, and the elderly are being killed without consequences, striking hospitals and schools that housed tens of thousands of civilians.

And now, the heads of international institutions and presidents of developed countries are applauding their success in establishing the Loss and Damage Fund to assist developing countries particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change during the fourth day of COP28.

Now, while you gather in the convention halls of COP28 in UAE, the Zionist enemy continues to escalate their assault on Gaza even more ruthlessly, despite a seven-day truce during which the enemy did not stop murdering children in the streets, demolishing houses, torturing detainees, and humiliating them before they were freed.

The enemy is using internationally banned weapons that are being tested for the first time to bomb “human animals,” I mean our “precious” brothers and sisters in Gaza, such as Bunker Buster bombs and “Halper” missiles to hit tunnels received from the United States of America. They are also using GPS-guided bombs to destroy infrastructure and American GBU-28 designed to penetrate fortified targets deep in the ground and create huge craters similar to those resulting from destructive earthquakes. 

In addition, various traditional and intelligent bombs are navigated by satellites that target premature babies, infants, pregnant women, mothers, children, and the elderly while they are sleeping peacefully inside their homes. 

Even those sick, injured or displaced to shelter in schools and hospitals were not spared from their brutality. 

Currently, while you are at COP28, Zionists are bombing innocent citizens in Gaza with deadly missiles loaded with thousands of tons of explosives, namely the F-16 Barak, the Hermes 450, Eitan, and Nitsos. They are spreading throughout destroyed streets by ferocious air strikes that turned into mass graves, in addition to deploying Mark 4 tanks and using chemical sponge bombs to block the tunnels.

Now moving towards our environmentalists and advocates for climate justice, occurring at a very close distance from your doors and halls of COP28, children under the age of ten are being exposed to phosphorous weapons and struck by depleted uranium and fissile ammunition. 

Despite your achievements and future efforts during the upcoming days, as climate stewards and a part of any humanitarian aspects, let us communicate in the language of Earth rather than that of its people. I want to ask you: Who will pay for the damages caused by the severe climate conditions in Gaza after dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs on the heads of its innocent civilians?

Aside from the people who lost their lives, tortured, detained, or disfigured. Therefore, I will not discuss the above due to the world’s ignorance towards humanity. However, where is your climate justice towards the mounting pollution in Gaza now? Which will worsen within the upcoming days and weeks. If the war continues, the entire strip will become a pollution-ticking bomb, threatening the Middle East and the whole world.

How do you congratulate yourself for establishing a fund to aid against climate change’s adverse effects while providing weapons to the Zionists while bragging via TV screens of your support towards Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas, in other words, the entire Palestinian population?

You are those who test weapons that are prohibited internationally during this fierce war on innocent people and civilians. You are burning humans and properties while shovelling the Earth.

Where is your climate justice about trees and living creatures apart from humans, whom are endangered in Gaza? 

Where is the justice in eradicating the rarest olive trees and agribusinesses that have no presence on any land except for this sacred land? 

While discussing the support for climate change in the Southern Countries by Northern aid, you also demand the prioritisation of human rights!

I want to inform you that “Gaza” has exposed your dual standards for international human and democratic rights, including the right to know and self-determination. Those slogans have fallen now, and their truth has been revealed. 

Genocide in Gaza, support of mass murder, the collapse of humanity, and the burning of the Earth have uncovered the falsity of your deceptive initiatives and conspiracies, brainwashing the obscuring collective consciousness throughout the ages to acknowledge your faulty principles. 

Not only that, but believing in your good faith actions, all of which has collapsed entirely. It collapsed in front of the continuous bombarding of occupied Gaza. It collapsed in the face of murdered innocent civilians and the confiscation of water, food, medicine, fuel, electricity, and clothing, resulting in civilians’ fates toward inevitable death.

And after all of that, which climate justice are you trying to advocate? “loss and damage” fund! However, I shall go along with the lack of humanity. Emphasising your enacted environmental and climate laws and the commitment made by advanced nations to support vulnerable countries, questioning: 

– What are the USA’s contributions to addressing the environmental disaster in Gaza arising from its support with weapons, money, and laws to Zionism crimes, extermination, ethnic cleansing, and displacement of the people of Palestine?

– How will you create a sustainable green environment for the people of Gaza? Especially after the collapse of 70% of the city’s buildings and bombarding with internationally forbidden weapons, threatening the Earth’s geological combination?

Gaza has shed light on scandalous global double standards, questioning the wiping of first-world slogans towards hypocritical humane views and setting the record straight among the entire world population. Therefore, if we pursue “climate justice” while exterminating humans, to whom do we extend our support?

Who should be held accountable for: 

• Polluting water and air in Gaza? 

• Treating chronic illnesses caused by war-related environmental pollution and siege on the residents of Gaza?

• Spreading hazardous diseases like cholera, which may arise due to the presence of decomposing corpses on the streets, heaps of garbage and debris from collapsed buildings, microorganisms, and toxic fumes caused by bombing and siege operations?

• Eliminating carbon emissions from the reconstruction process, and who will track its impact on countries in the region after the end of the Gaza war?

And lastly, as a civilian, I have the right to address the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28); I think it’s a grave mistake that the Gaza tragedy hasn’t been given the top priority in this year’s edition. It’s an international crime and a clear indication of the falsehood of all slogans, the failure of international institutions, and the collapse of their principles.

A significant event has occurred – an awakening led by the Gaza genocide, creating a profound impact on people all around the world, especially the younger generation and children. It will result in substantial transformations and establish transparent, ethical standards that eliminate the need for loss, damaged funds or donations to conceal ulterior motives of feigning reformists supporting the vulnerable and promoting constructive change.

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