Media Personality Dina Abdel Fattah Delivers a Speech in Solidarity with Palestinian Women at Rafah Crossing

by Nada Khaled


Yesterday, Egyptian media figure Dina Abdel Fattah, vice chairperson of United Media Services (UMS), visited Al-Arish Hospital to check on Palestinian patients and later arrived at Rafah Crossing among a high-level delegation of UMS officials, where she delivered a speech denouncing the ongoing Gaza bombing and hailing Palestinian women.

Abdel Fattah expressed all respect and appreciation to the Palestinian women for her evident their evident patience and steadfastness through the unprecedented wave of Israeli aggression and intransigence.

In her speech, she said: First, I express my utmost recognition and respect for the Palestinian woman in all her roles as mother, sister, daughter, and grandmother who withstand an unbearable degree of oppression and violence. Actually, she has long been held in high esteem as a powerful role model.

Abdel Fattah also sympathized with the escalated situation, stating: We all not only feel immense sorrow about the current status quo, but you keep teaching us the actual meaning of perseverance and defending the homeland.

She further demanded an immediate ceasefire, unhindered medical and humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip, and rejecting and condemning any attempt to forcibly evict Palestinians.

The renowned Media figure went on to urge international institutions to interfere in the situation, especially the current wave of violence from the Israeli IDF, pointing out that women, children, and elderly people are the most affected by these nonstop attacks.

She said: Here I say to international organizations that fundraise billions of dollars for women’s empowerment and gender equity. Where is your role in all this? Why does your role seem to have become that of a spectator watching and even financially supporting the genocide in which women and children in Gaza suffer?

Ms. Dina finally called on Western nations to prioritize the Palestinian cause and keep pressuring their governments to take serious actions to stop this genocide; she concluded: I urge all the supporting nations and pro-Palestinian marches worldwide to exert every effort to change such an extremely cautious attitude against Gaza.

They need to remind international organizations that the victims suffering in Gaza are women, children, and elderly people. Ceasefire in Gaza Now!

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