Eng. Sabah Mashaly, President of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, was selected as the best and most creative and distinguished woman in economic development, community development, and achieving sustainable development for 2022, the year of challenge, towards the new republic and Egypt’s plan 2030.

Mashaly was chosen as an influential figure in the field of the economy for the year 2022, as a result of her efforts over the years of her tenure as president of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, and making on-ground achievements by overseeing huge projects carried out by the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company under her wise leadership.

That comes in the context of being selected among the four best female engineers on the International Engineering Day organized by UNESCO.

It is worth mentioning that, Mashali is a board member of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Egypt Regulator, and the high council of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.

Mashaly is also a board member of the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Gulf of Suez.

Moreover, she is a member of many International Electrical Associations like CERED, Sigre, and IEC. In addition, she represents the North African region in the AFSEC organization.



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