Major General Manal Atef – The new Director of the General Administration for Human Rights.

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A new win for women as the annual police movement involved the promotion of major general Manal Atef to Director of the General Administration for Human Rights. Major general Manal Atef worked in combating violence against women for several years and was able to eradicate a number of crimes and stop the harassments that women face and prior to that, she was awarded the Medal of Excellence.

The Ministry of Interior issued the annual police movement, in the context of adding new blood into the police force, where it is customary to conduct annual transfers.

And this move came in recognition to the importance and value of continuous improvement to police work to face the security challenges and align with the needs of the current period, as the 2022 move came in line with the state’s policy and directions in escalating the youth to benefit from them in all areas of security work, through expanding the promotions movement for the high and middle positions to prepare a new generation of young leaders for future police leadership.

The Ministry of Interior ensured the support of security directorates and public service bodies with the best functional and health elements to improve security services provided to citizens, within the framework of the rules to achieve social, psychological and occupational stability.

The Annual Police Movement Appointments:

The annual police movement for 2022 came with the appointment of Major General Alaa Selim – Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of Public Security Sectorr, Major General Tariq Marzouk – Assistant Minister for the Community Protection Sector, Major General Ragab Abdel Aal – Assistant Minister for the Economic Security Sector, and Major General Nasser Mohi El-Din – Assistant Minister for the Media and Relations Sector, Major General Hossam Abdel Halim – Assistant Minister for the Tourism and Antiquities Police Sector, and Major General Dr. Omar Al-Suwaifi – Assistant Minister for the Human Rights Sector.

The movement also announced the appointment of Major General Mufid Mohamed – Assistant Minister for the Public Security Sector, Major General Hisham Al Zoghbi – Assistant Minister for the Drug Control Sector and Unlicensed Weapons and Ammunition, Major General Ghaleb Mustafa – Assistant Minister for the Specialized Police Sector, Major General Hamza Abbas – Assistant Minister for the Social Welfare Sector, and Major General Amr Al-Baili. – Assistant Minister for the Traffic and Civil Protection Sector, and Major General Hisham Abu Al-Nasr – Director of Giza Security.

The movement also included the appointment of Major General Khaled Al-Barwa – Director of Alexandria Security, Major General Ahmed Gamal – Director of Assiut Security, Major General Mr. Sultan – Director of Matrouh Security, Major General Marwan Habib – Director of Dakahlia Security, Major General Mohamed Salah – Director of Sharkia Security, Major General Abdel Rahman Haridy – Director of Suez Security and Major General Ashraf Abdullah – Director of Aswan Security, Major General Mohamed Ammar – Director of Western Security, Major General Mohamed Abu El-Leil – Director of New Valley Security, Major General Saeed Shawky – Director of the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes, Major General Essam Hussein – Director of the General Department for the Protection of Morals, and Major General Amr Al-Bandari – Director of the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes Narcotics, Major General Tariq Rashid – Director of the General Department of the Reconstruction and New Communities Police, Major General Assem Al Sharif – Director of the General Department for Works Investigation and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Major General Walid Awad – Director of the General Department for Combating Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking, Major General Hisham Zain – Director of the General Department for Securing the Suez Canal Corridor and Major General Manal Atef – Director of the General Administration for Human Rights, Major General Hossam Attia – Director of the General Administration of Electricity Police, and Major General Muhammad Abdel Hafeez – Director General Directorate of Traffic.

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