TV program “Kol Al-Zawaya”, broadcast on “On Channel”, sheds light on women and fine art. Egyptian Artist Dr. Esraa Zaidan said she intentionally portrays the idea of ​​​​a woman’s love for herself in her paintings.

The artist added: I like to present various topics through my art, including happiness, especially since women are generally unmotivated and unhappy, as a large chunk of their time is consumed by great responsibilities.

She continued: Any artist has many spontaneous parts in their painting, despite any perception they originally had for the painting. Zidan further explained that the creative process is often spontaneous.

In turn, Artist Hind Al-Falafeli said her paintings went through several stages, the first being the humanities stage, where the woman is part of the painting and not the whole focus. After that, her painting begins to progress, and the woman starts to take over the artwork.

She continued: My paintings portray problems that women go through and life stages they experience, spanning from spinsterhood to engagement, then marriage, and how women express romance.

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